Expatland Giving

The Expatland Giving Back Fund (‘EGBF’) is a non-profit social enterprise.

EGBF encourages expatriates and their friends to help those in their local communities.

We provide volunteer labour, supplies and other needs to help registered charities and other not for profits in expat cities around the world.

We encourage members and expat clients of our Expatland Global Network to give back to their local community.

We do this by asking members to volunteer 1% of their professional time to assist local charities with charitable events. Member firms are encouraged to call upon their expat and migrant clients to volunteer their time in assisting at these charitable events.

Our Philanthropic Board of Advisors and broader constituents regularly develop their views on the charities to assist each year.

As a result we work with many different organisations across a year.

We well understand that many of our expatriate clients and friends living and working in Expatland can make a positive contribution to various groups by donating time and effort to help these registered charities with their objectives.

Expatland Global Network members donate 1% of all professional work time to support the EGBF. This time is donated during work hours and as and when required by the charities we help.

We are proud of our professionals as they channel their efforts to work with expatriates and their friends and families.

EGBF is there to support those who truly desire to give back.

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For more information on how you can be involved in building relationships and helping others, please email our Founder john.marcarian@expatlandgiving.org or contact us using the form below.


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