How we work

Our approach is to ask expatriates to pledge 1% of their time to EGBF during a 12-month period.

We believe that donated time means more to some community organisations than other forms of help.

Those working with EGBF make the commitment to pledge 1% of their available time, which we benchmark as 20 hours per year.

Our donors then select which of our causes they are able to volunteer and assist with during a 12-month period.

We also accept donations of supplies as and when requested by the charities and community organisations that we work with.

At regular intervals our Phlianthropic Board meets and identifies using a variety of feedback mechanisms which registered charities and community groups to work with.

Thereafter our professional team and volunteers go out into the community and help fulfill our mission.

Contact us

For more information on how you can be involved in building relationships and helping others, please email our Founder or contact us using the form below.


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