7 Urban Myths About Bisexual Ladies Which Happen To Be Overall Junk

If you decided to separate the complete LGBTQ neighborhood into a pie, the bisexual piece will be the biggest by far. About
50 per cent
of the LGBTQ community recognizes as bisexual, yet bisexuality continues to be gravely misunderstood, even by some other queer people. You can find a ton of myths out there about bi individuals, instance that they’ren’t loyal or they are only going right on through a phase. Everyone knows this 1 lesbian who won’t date bi ladies.

Bisexual people endure dramatically
larger costs
of depression, anxiety, residential violence, intimate attack, and poverty than lesbians, gay men, or cis-het men and women. Bi people are frequently made undetectable for the LGBTQ community, so they lack that tight-knit area to-fall straight back on.

Welp, instead of our watch! You have to knock down biphobia, one misconception each time. Listed below are 8 urban myths about bisexual ladies which happen to be simply flat-out completely wrong.

Myth number 1: Bisexuality is merely a milestone on the path to lesbianism.

Sometimes, when ladies recognize that they truly are attracted to some other females, they come completely as “bi” to start with and then change to “lesbian” afterwards. Many reasons exist with this experience. It could feel less scary to mention that you’re bi.

But also for many people, bisexual identity will be the endpoint. This is the identification that seems most like residence, probab the reality. Bisexuality is actually a real identification, maybe not a milestone on the road to elsewhere.

Myth # 2: All women can be bisexual.

Another misconception usually all women is truly bi deep-down. Ladies naturally have ~fluid~ intimate identities, so they really’re naturally able to experiencing both same-sex tourist attractions and opposite-sex destinations.

Its a myth because numerous ladies get their particular entire resides without ever having an appeal to a different lady. Moreover, this myth is lesbophobic. If all women can be bisexual, then there isn’t any this type of thing as a “real” lesbian, right? Yeah, no. That idea is actually patently bogus.

The simple truth is quick: only a few women are attracted to men. Never assume all women are drawn to ladies.


Myth number 3: just women is bisexual.

The flipside towards misconception that most women can be bisexual may be the misconception that no guys are. For whatever reason, many people do not think it is possible that men could be keen on males and never end up being 100percent homosexual. This concept doesn’t last to evidence by any means; it is pure prejudice. Bisexual men occur, and probably a lot more guys would come out as bisexual if there clearly wasn’t this type of a stigma against it.

Myth number 4: Bisexuals should be equally attracted to men and women.

This misconception states that bisexuals need certainly to enjoy a 50/50 split of attraction to gents and ladies so that you can meet the requirements as bisexual. Should they ever slim into one course or other, they need to identify on their own as straight/lesbian correctly.

But someone that is actually 70per cent attracted to women and 30% drawn to guys can completely recognize as bisexual! Or someone that is 85/15 or 60/30 or 45/45/10 or whatever different combination. Any time you instantly label anybody who’s typically attracted to ladies as a “lesbian,” you are both erasing bisexuals and lesbians. (more over, it’s never anyone’s destination to influence another person’s identification.)

The truth is, many bisexuals do not drop smack-dab in the middle of the Kinsey scale, which explains why the size is present in the first place. Also, an individual’s put on the size can change in the long run.

Myth no. 5: Bisexuals are interested in two men and women.

The theory that bisexuals are equally interested in both women and men is bogus for another reason: bisexuals do not just discover interest to two men and women! One common myth is that the prefix “bi” (meaning “two”) describes two sexes, male and female. In fact, bisexuality describes an attraction to both your very own sex and other genders. Those are other sexes, including non-binary individuals, agender folks, genderqueer people, yet others.

Myth # 6: Bisexuals can not be gladly monogamous.

A lot of people fear that bisexuals can not possibly be satisfied in a monogamous commitment. They encounter interest to several genders, so how could they come to be pleased with one? Bi ladies are usually expected to cheat, sit, or perhaps promiscuous, leading some individuals to definitely avoid them as partners.

And certain, some bi ladies cheat. Very do folks of every sexual orientation. But bisexuality does not result in cheating.

Myth # 7: Bisexuality is a period that direct men and women go through.

This last myth usually ladies claim bisexuality simply to be edgy or various. Bi ladies are considered direct those who are merely testing the waters or who would like to ~enhance~ their particular resides for some reason. As reasonable, tinkering with gayness enjoyment is unquestionably anything among straight women. They make aside together at functions, sleep with a lady single as an experiment, et cetera.

But genuine bisexuals feel genuine interest, not just interest. It is a sexual direction, perhaps not an experimental phase.