Providing Better Learning Environment for Armenian School Children

Expatland Giving Back Fund (EGBF) supported the Aratashen school in Armenia by renovating a number of facilities and reconstructing a new computer lab in the school.

Along with the reconstruction of the computer lab, the EGBF has donated desktop computers complete with all necessary software. The new computers will provide a learning environment necessary for the students to thrive. The computers will be available to all students in the school through a newly constructed computer lab. 

Additionally, the EGBF has replaced the old and worn-out school floors as well as rebuilt new restrooms for the school.

Mr Sevak Ghazaryan, the director of the school, expressed his sincere gratitude, “Thanks to the donation from Expatland Giving Back Fund, our students now have a newly built computer lab, which they could use to acquire new skills and knowledge that is so essential to prosper.” He continued “I can not thank enough for the generous contribution of EGBF for upgrading the school facilities and bringing better standards and ultimately securing better conditions for the students to grow and succeed.”

“Armenia is a growing expat destination,” stated John Marcarian, CEO of Expatland Global Network. “It’s important for expats and expat organisations moving to Armenia to give back to the local community which they now call home.”

Most recently Expatland Global Network has moved expats from its Sydney Office to Yerevan to help service its growing network of E-Teams.

“Our aim at the Expatland Giving Back Fund is to encourage our teams in the Expatland Global Network to give back to their host city,” John continued, “whether it be by donations of technology that help locals grow their skills or volunteering with local charities to give a helping hand to those in need.”

For more information on how you can get involved with the Expatland Giving Back Fund, please contact Anna Zakharyan at

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