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Macaw Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, and Interesting Facts


Although their large beaks can be intimidating, a well-socialized macaw can be a friendly and affectionate companion. Click on any of the service to view its details, or to browse/invoke APIs. Once logged into Macaw instance under Oracle Cloud, run the following command to deploy Macaw tool/CLI needed for platform deployment. If you are encountering an issue like below, mostly your docker environment is not set right for your private registry. Follow the standard docker instructions on how to enable docker daemon to talk to private registry. If you are hitting the error below, then mostly your macawpublish.globals doesnt have the right repo configuration.

  • However, in production, native mode microservices aren’t recommended for reasons like deployment environment management and scalability.
  • The next page allows you to create an empty service descriptor with placeholder.
  • Similarly, note that the output of this RPC is also an external-ref of (Java) type
  • A non-trivial service will perform operations which involve usage of third party libraries.
  • Large macaws have equally large vocalizations, and their squawks and screeches can be quite loud and ear piercing.

Sometimes squabbles break out, but macaws rarely physically injure each other. Once everyone is settled, they quiet down, fluff out their feathers, and prepare to snooze through the night. A macaw needs a cage tall enough to prevent its tail feathers from hitting the cage bottom, which can cause the tail feathers to bend or break. Overall, a macaw needs a much larger cage and play stand than other parrot species, so a potential owner should take space considerations into account. Macaws’ big size and vibrant colors make them hard to overlook. These social birds can create a racket when they feel so inclined, and their clownish ways are sure to draw attention.

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A default environment is mandated and created during the macaw setup with inputs provided for service hosts. When the platform instance is in a public cloud, typically the user would be having a private IP/DNS. For all the platform configuration via macaw setup etc., the user would be using the private IP/DNS.

  • Before proceeding with installation, refer to the details listed below to directly understand Macaw’s terminologies and supported installation configurations.
  • A potential macaw owner needs to take a macaw’s large sound into consideration, especially if he or she lives in an apartment and/or has nearby neighbors.
  • For polyglot support, Macaw service runtime heavily relies on both the service sidecar and the service shim (the implementation of which is hidden from the service developers).
  • If an error similar to what is shown below is encountered, mostly the service is not compiled.

When courting, macaws perform an elaborate dance, vocalize, and touch each other’s beaks to establish their bond. Macaws lay one or two eggs, which they incubate for around 28 days until they hatch. Both parents take turns incubating the eggs and feeding the chicks.

Login to Macaw Console

It had a very restricted natural habitat due to its dependence on the tree for nesting, feeding and roosting. It feeds primarily on seeds and nuts of Caraiba and various Euphorbiaceae (spurge) shrubs, the dominant vegetation of the Caatinga. Due to deforestation in its limited range and specialized habitat, the bird was rare in the wild throughout the twentieth century. It has always been very rare in captivity, partly due to the remoteness of its natural range. The bird is a medium-size parrot weighing about 300 grams (11 oz), smaller than most of the large macaws.

In the wild, macaws mainly live in Central America, Mexico, and South America. Because they are kept widely as pets, in captivity they are found worldwide. These affectionate but sometimes bold birds explode with colors. They’re a pleasing treat to the eyes until they throw tantrums and scream when annoyed or in distress. As their name suggests, their smaller and less noisy than regular macaws. So, they’re the better option if you have sensitive neighbors or live in an apartment.


Macaws are highly intelligent animals that constantly investigate their environment, often with their tongues. These characteristics make for some interesting facts about macaws. They’re not ideal for novice pet bird owners because they need lots of time, money, and attention. But experienced bird owners who already have the know-how in raising and dealing with birds may be able to handle these demanding birds.

Delete option in the menu of the Group can be used, to delete all the instances of all listed clusters. The Service Manager Option of the DevOps Console provides a comprehensive functionality pertaining to Macaw Microservices. Each section displays one unique functionality that can be performed using this UI.

For those who are developing microservices using the macaw platform it would be necessary to create custom blueprints and publish them to the MDR. The Macaw MDR is a read-only repository and does not allow publishing. The platform supports the ability to have multiple MDRs and gives the option to the end user to choose which MDR would like to be queried for the available blueprints. Platform provides MDR as one of the tools that can be deployed and configured locally. Once this is done as per the instructions, blueprints and service meta data can be published to the MDR via macawpublish tools (Refer to macawpublish tools documentation). The output of the MDR installation also provides additional configuration details needed for macawpublish tools.

Behavior of the Macaw

The payload of the notification is available via the notification.getContent() method. Remember that this type (in this case, Employee) is defined in the publishing service. Hence the user needs to have the API jar of the publishing service in your classpath in order to perform the cast. This is why we have the employee-api.jar in the impl/src/main/lib folder of intranet-portal sample service. Macaw SDK and the runtime platform supports development and deployment of microservices that are implemented in various programming languages.


The snippet above declares that the employee service raises a notification called NEW_EMPLOYEE_ADDED. The notification payload comprises of a employee object, which is a custom object defined by the service. The blueprint shown has the calculator service as well as its front-end calculator-UI. We won’t be going into the details of what the service API descriptor looks like (that’s explained in a different chapter anwyay). Let’s quickly see what the APIs look like for the service we will be developing. As noted earlier we will be developing a issue-tracker service.

Macaw Tool Setup – For Publishing

Please make to have the following details ready before deploying the VMs as described in the prerequisite section of the document. Still, it’s easy to assume that they were outgoing and lively creatures like most other parrots, especially when it comes to Macaws. However, since the human race is primarily responsible for their extinction, they were most likely suspicious of humans at the time.

The command shown below when executed will publish the web application. Here we just get hold of the service invocation session, which we will then later use for lookup of services. We recommend the Datastax Cassandra driver, but you are free to use any other Cassandra driver for your service as long as it is compatible with the Cassandra version supported by Macaw.

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The JVM process hosts the service that you as a service developer have implemented. A microservice blueprint is an entity which can be used to define a provisioning specification for a set of microservices. More often than not, customers have a requirement to provision a set of related microservices collectively.

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Smashing Security podcast #343: Four-legged girlfriends, LoveGPT ….

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These playful and friendly birds with primarily green plumage and blue-tinted wings love interacting with their humans. The largest and perhaps most demanding species of macaws are hyacinths. They’re an excellent option for those looking for a macaw parrot but aren’t ready for large birds. You can quickly train them; they can become good talkers with constant practice.

MDR stores the Service Meta Data as deployable blueprints’ information. Macaw console queries the meta data repository server and fetches the available service blueprints that can be deployed. When Macaw platform is installed, the macaw-console is pre-provisioned with the Macaw central MDR information. This provides the ability to query Macaw MDR for any deployable blueprints and be able to deploy services locally on service hosts.

Irrespective of what language you choose to implement the service in, the service API descriptor remains the same. There are no structural or semantics differences in the service API descriptor for a service that’s implemented using Java or Python or node.js or any other language. Remember that the code-generator tool expects the yang files to be having the .yang extension. As part of the tools installation, following components would be provisioned. Platform dbinit command initializes the database sections of mysql and Cassandra.


This would also require configuration of Docker Daemon on local host w.r.t certificates. Macaw platform provides the ability to install a local docker registry with SSL enabled. Be aware that this may not be in line with the production configuration recommended for Docker Registry.


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